Braamfontein Coffee Video Part 1

Take a trip through the various coffee spots in Braamfontein

Coffee culture is a big deal in the bustling Braam metropolis! There's so many places to choose from (check out our selection of the best here) - whether enjoyed at your leisure as you observe the busy lives of Braam's people; or grabbed on-the-go as you jet to your next appointment, there's undoubtedly a spot in the area that's just right for you!

And what makes Braam's coffee so special? Well according to co-founder of Father Coffee, Nick Christowitz, it takes a lot of care throughout the coffee-making process. While Doubleshot's Alain de Assis Rosa says it's "what the customer enjoys the most" that makes the perfect cup!

Check out the video below for an idea of where to get your next coffee fix! Featured coffee spots include: Father Coffee, Bean There, Post, Doubleshot Coffee & Tea, Vélo Cafe and Daleahs.