Kitcheners Bar

Events — seven nights a week, every week. It’s a formula that works for Kitcheners; it worked before Covid struck, and it’s working again now that the pandemic is gone. This venue has worked out what the people want and they do it well: Great food, music, people and vibes.

There’s a lot of history behind this establishment. It’s famous for being the second oldest bar in Johannesburg although since the Guildhall on Commissioner St closed, it’s now probably the oldest.

Nowadays this place is about letting your hair down and having fun. Like, how many venues are open on Monday nights?

By day Kitcheners is quite plainly a bar, but each night, in true werewolf fashion, it transforms into more of a club. The square-ish layout of the venue helps to create a vibe: there’s a couple of bars, a dance floor, an outside courtyard and a stoep outside, so patrons who need a break from dancing or who want to sample the pub-style menu can rotate from one room to another. Each is small enough to be intimate; the interior wallpaper is old-world, but the loud murals that adorn the exterior give the old building a modern twist.

The Kitcheners vision is to keep going with the same consistency, prioritising quality DJs and always welcoming a cosmopolitan crowd; from students, folk from the area, the LGBTQ community, big spenders, tourists, musos and artists, everyone feels at home. Parking for visitors at night is not a problem, and Bad Boyz Security in the area makes sure that patrons are safe on the streets.

This place is Legendary.