Uncle Faouzi & Drama bar

Situated just below The Playground, Uncle Faouzi is a popular hangout for students and Braamfontein’s workforce. That’s because it sells great food, such as chicken wings, shawarmas and chips wraps. It also has hookah pipes for hire, and it stays open 24/7 – perfect for those who burn the midnight oil!

Manager Jan Cohen says: “We have now become a feature of the Braam landscape as we bring quality food, music and service to our clients – many of whom have found a home away from home here.” He adds: “Students today are sophisticated and very conscious of fashion, music and trends and we try to tap into that.”

Braamfontein is a dynamic area, he says, and his other business, Drama bar, next door to Uncle Faouzi, has helped to cement it as an entertainment hub with a cool edge. Both brands flourish and continue to provide much-needed affordable spaces for residents and office workers to eat and unwind at. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRg-YAVAkEv/